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With 110-year history of excellence, currently the Geographical Society of China has 48 branch organizations, including 24 commissions, 10 sub-societies, 9 working committees, 9 task forces, and 7 regional representative offices. Several editorial boards are affiliated to the Society.  


The 12th National Members’ Congress of the GSC was held in 2018 - 150 elected as members of the 12th Council, 5 as Supervisory Board members. 


GSC Branch Organizations



lCommission on Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies

lCommission on Economic Geography

lCommission on Historical Geography

lCommission on Hydrogeography

lCommission on Physical Geography

lCommission on Climatology

lCommission on World Geography

lCommission on Environmental Geography

lCommission on Human Geography

lCommission on Cartography and Geographic Information System

lCommission on Marine Geography

lCommission on Health Geography

lCommission on Urban Geography

lCommission on Tourism Geography

lCommission on Agricultural Geography and Rural Development

lCommission on Modelling and Geographic Information Analysis

lCommission on Environmental Evolution and Environmental Archaeology

lCommission on Population Geography

lCommission on Urban and Regional Management

Commission on Cultural Geography

lCommission on Biogeography

lCommission on Political Geography

lCommission on Natural Hazard Risk Reduction

lCommission on Development Geography




lDesert Research

lSub-Society on Glaciology and Geocryology

lSub-Society on Remote Sensing of Environment

lSub-Society on Mountain Research

lSub-Society on Yangtse River

lSub-Society on Yellow River

lSub-Society on Arid Land

lSub-Society on Spatial Planning

lSub-Society on Lake and Wetland Research

lSub-Society on “Belt and Road” Studies


Working Committees


lWorking Committee on Geographical Education

lWorking Committee on Geographical Knowledge Popularization

lWorking Committee on International Cooperation

lWorking Committee on Editing and Publications

lWorking Committee for Young Geographer

lWorking Committee on Academic Affairs

lWorking Committee on Decision-Making and Consultation

lWorking Committee on Science and Technology Evaluation

lWorking Committee on Geographical Big Data


Task Forces


lTask Force on Geography Olympiad

lTask Force on Red Bed and Danxia Landform Research

lTask Force on Lin Chao Geomuseum

lTask Force on Transboundary River Basin and Regional Cooperation

lTask Force on Rural Landscape and Leisure Industry Development

lTask Force on Geography Document Information Analysis

lTask Force on Dendrochronology

lTask Force on Geographical Dating Technology

lTask Force on River Basin Research

lTask Force on Study Tour


Regional Representative Offices


lNorth China

lEast China

lSouth China

lCentral China

lNortheast China

lNorthwest China

lSouthwest China

Executive Directors of the 12th Council

The Current President, Vice Presidents and Secretary-General of GSC2018-2023


President                Chen Fahu (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences)  

Past President        Fu Bojie (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Vice Presidents      Dong Zhibao (Professor)

                                 Ge Quansheng (Professor)

                                 He Daming (Professor)

                                 He Canfei (Professor)

                                 Li Xiaojuan (Professor)

                                 Liu Min (Professor)

                                 Lu Huayu (Professor)

                                 Song Changqing (Professor)

                                 Wu Zhengfang (Professor)

                                 Xia Jun (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

                                 Xue Desheng (Professor)

                                 Zhang Guoyou (Professor)

Secretary-General  Zhang Guoyou (Professor)

The Geographical Society of China are primarily for promoting the scientific research, serving its members and geographers, encouraging......

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Second Asian Young Geographers Workshop Held Online First Conference on World Geography Convened in Shanghai, China The 5th Asian Conference on Geography Held in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam The 4th Asian Conference on Geography Held Successfully in Guangzhou & The Asian Geographical Association Formally Established


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