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On September 28th, 1909, Zhang Xiaowen and other old generation geographers were gathered in Tianjin and announced the establishment of the Chinese Geographical Society, which was one of the three oldest academic organizations established in China. Then, many well-known scientists, such as Zhang Taiyan, Cai Yuanpei, Zhang Hongzhao, Chen Yuan, Wu Tongju, Ding Wenjiang, Weng Wenhao and Li Siguang joined the Chinese Geographical Society successively. In 1934, Zhu Kezhen, a well-known geographer, founded the Geographical Society of China in Nanjing. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the two organizations merged into the current Geographical Society of China in 1950. The First Congress of Geographical Society of China was held in 1953 in Beijing, Zhu Kezhen was elected as President. After Zhu Kezhen, Huang Bingwei, Wu Chuanjun, Chen Shupeng, Shi Yafeng, Zhang Lansheng, Lu Dadao, Liu Yanhua, Fu Bojie and Chen Fahu successively served as President of the Geographical Society of China. Since its establishment, GSC has made remarkable contributions to the development and prosperity of geography in China, to the popularization of geography among the public, to the emerging professional talents in this community and to the economic and social development of China.


Founding of the GSC, 1909


The First Congress of the New GSC, 1953


The 100th Anniversary of the GSC, 2009


Presidents of the Geographical Society of China (since 1953)

The Geographical Society of China are primarily for promoting the scientific research, serving its members and geographers, encouraging......

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Second Asian Young Geographers Workshop Held Online First Conference on World Geography Convened in Shanghai, China The 5th Asian Conference on Geography Held in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam The 4th Asian Conference on Geography Held Successfully in Guangzhou & The Asian Geographical Association Formally Established


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