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Council Meeting of the Asian Geographical Association 2019 held in Beijing
2020-11-04 15:43:05

On Nov. 1st, 2019, Council Meeting of the Asian Geographical Association (AGA) was held at Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dahe Qin, who is President of the Asian Geographical Association, Director of Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Former Administrator of China Meteorological Administration. At first, he extended his warm welcome to all the participants present and gave a brief review on the establishment of the Asian Geographical Association. Then, he introduced invited guests and representatives from member organizations of AGA and announced the agenda of the meeting.


Group photo of the Council Meeting of the AGA 2019


Firstly, Prof. Michael Meadows, Former Secretary-General of the International Geographical Union, was invited to announce the outcome of elections of AGA Executive Committee 2019-2023 as honorary teller. After elections conducted by way of e-ballots in May, the AGA Executive Committee consists of the following 8 members: Prof. Dahe Qin from China was elected as President, Prof. Yuji Murayama from Japan, Prof. Suresh Chand Rai from India, Prof. Ahmet Ertek from Turkey, Prof. Kanat Baigarin from Kazakhstan, Prof. Lai Vinh Cam from Vietnam and Prof. Chul-Sue Hwang from Korea as Vice Presidents, Ms. Xuanzi Zhang from China as Secretary and Treasurer.

Secondly, Ms. Xuanzi Zhang gave detailed introduction to the AGA Statutes, which comprises the name, working language, objectives and mission, activities, membership and the structures of the AGA. After that, the Statutes were approved unanimously by the AGA Council.

Thirdly, Dr. Gulomjon Umirzakov from Uzbekistan read the letter of membership application on behalf of Geographical Society of Uzbekistan to join the AGA, which was accepted after unanimous vote by the Council. As of October 2019, the number of the AGA members has reached up to 24.

Fourthly, AGA Council has adopted the proposals on establishing the working groups, including Young Geographer Working Group initiated by Prof. Min Chen from China, Working Group on Cultural Geography chaired by Prof. Je-Hun Ryu from Korea and Working Group on Disaster Mitigation and Education proposed by Prof. Muhammad Baiquni from Indonesia.

Fifthly, Prof. Lai Vinh Cam from Vietnam presented the bid to host the 5th Asian Conference on Geography (5th ACG) on behalf of Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam and briefly introduced transportation, accommodation of the host city and various support from the local organizer. As a result, the AGA Council reached a unanimous agreement that the 5th ACG will be held at Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam in October 2021.

At last, Dr. Adel Sepehr from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran made a presentation on the IAG Regional Conference on Geomorphology (IAG-RCG 2020). He invited the AGA to join the event as co-sponsor and warmly welcomed Asian geographers to participate in the conference, to be held from Oct. 26th -28th, 2020 in Mashhad, Iran.

After the Meeting, the AGA Council members attended the opening ceremony of the 110th Anniversary of the Geographical Society of China & China Conference on Geography 2019 on Nov. 2nd, which attracted more than 3000 participants from home and abroad, and participated in an international session “Geography and Sustainability” on Nov. 3rd, where AGA representatives presented their recent research and exchanged their academic ideas with the participants from China and other countries outside Asia.

During the Conference, the Business Meeting of AGA Executive Committee Members 2019 convened on Nov. 3rd.

After the conference, a two-day field excursion was arranged in Tianjin and Beijing on Nov. 4th-5th, and about 30 AGA colleagues took part in the event.


 Group photo of AGA colleagues in front of the Monument to the 100th Anniversary of the Geographical Society of China, Tianjin


The Asian Geographical Association is an international, non-governmental, no-political and non-profit scientific organization. It was formed and run voluntarily by geographical associations in Asian countries and regions. Initiated by the Geographical Society of China, the 1st Asian Conference on Geography (ACG) was inaugurated in Shanghai, China in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, the 2nd ACG and the 3rd ACG were held in Sapporo, Japan and Jeju, Korea respectively. In December 2018, 23 geographical associations across Asia were gathered in Guangzhou and co-founded and established the Asian Geographical Association during the 4th ACG. The missions of the AGA are to provide platforms and network of academic exchanges and research collaborations for Asian Geographers, to stimulate the development of geography in Asia, and to promote sustainable development of Asia.




Provided by Xuanzi Zhang, Guoyou Zhang

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